Infinity Ward talks up 'rigorous' Modern Warfare 3 QA process

Studio confirms outside group has been enlisted to help run the game's multiplayer "through its paces"

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Nate-Dog2657d ago

Got to do it once every few years right IW?

deadpoole2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Fool gamers once, shame on you ... Fool gamers again, BF3 is what they buy ... :)

Inside_out2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

What a great idea. Bring in a group of gamers that pride themselves on finding glitches to test your game. Once again, Activision is staying on message and showing EA-Dice for the fraudsters they are.

Ea-Dice keep telling us about how great they are...Activision just keep showing. Bobby Kotick...all he does is win.

With 2+ million gamers signing up for COD Elite beta, which isn't even a there any doubt about the on coming slaughter. Johnny Ravioli at EA must be panicking right now. Maybe you can show us some more fantasy PC footage...sheeple love to dream. :/

Here's the wake up call...

...60 fps and speed go hand in hand...

...great DLC...

...COD Elite...

Good luck Ea-Dice...your going to need it...

bozebo2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Marketing ftw!


fooxy2657d ago

Yawn ! heres the reality they had less than 2 yrs this time due to IW going apeshit and 3 quarters of people leaving,after that they had to hire sledhammer games to fill those gaps otherwise there would be no same cod every year this year :D

JeffGUNZ2657d ago

Wasn't sledgehammer games working on the next COD the whole time?

bozebo2657d ago

Actually it was Activision that went apeshit. They stole hundreds of millions from Sony and tens of millions from IW - so IW walked.

Newsman2657d ago

Why so many tester for a new patch, er I mean game.

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