Huh, Come Again? HDMI Cable For The Xbox 360?

Well, during my monthly run through ebgames to check for any previews to write. I found an interesting item come up to display while searching.

GameStop Universal Premium HDMI Cable

At first glance, I said to myself "what, HDMI is not possible for the Xbox 360." I also do not claim to be a techno guru with the T.V department but that what they were selling. I was searching around the xbox forums to see if this is old news and an interesting tidbit led to quote from anandtech posted by Nielo TM:

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Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago

So hmm doesnt that mean 360 can play games in 1080p. lol. Another ps3 advantage down the drain. By the way ps3 wont ship with HDMI so you all will probably be buying somewhere in the 80-100 dollar price range for your hdmi cables as well and the 500 dollar ps3 wont play movies in 1080p and will be downscaled to 540p.


Jay da 2KBalla5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

Actually my bad that means that 360 can play movies in 1080p. All microsoft needs to do is release a firmware patch and 360 can output games in 1080p over component.

headblackman5869d ago

everyday i read something that makes feel extrmelly proud to be an xbox360 owner :) i hope this is true :)

kewlkat0075869d ago

I'm guessing it is with the HD-DVD drive you can use this.

Mikey_Gee5869d ago

That would be F*cken' awsome.

I will not comment till stuff is official, but let's just say that if DOES INDEED mean the 360 will have true 1080p, with my new Sony SXRD XBR2 60" bastard of a TV ... I WILL HAVE TO HAVE IT.

My MS 360 will look GREAT on my SONY television.

360 and my PS3 (eventually) will look fantastic.

drewdrakes5869d ago

Im incredibly excited, this will benefit us all :)

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