Uncharted Golden Abyss - 2 Minutes Gameplay Shows QTE Battle

Uncharted Golden Abyss 2 minutes gameplay shows some interesting new gameplay feature of upcoming uncharted title for playstation vita

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THC CELL2654d ago

Why let a woman play hahha, and god that almost looks better then a ps3 game lol

Cloudberry2654d ago

As I thought it would be "Quick Time Events", instead it was a "Quick Touch Events".

Unfortunately, the woman (?) who's playing isn't good.

Still, in my opinion, the climbing game-play using touch screen looks solid, but I have to see more of this melee / "Quick Touch Events".

Preferably from more expert gamer on this game.

PS: the video is in Japan too?

MasterCornholio2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I remember reading a while back an article from a Anti Vita site. Claiming that the Vita wasnt playing the games in E3 because they had a console underneath the tables hooked up to it via cables. Looks like this proves them wrong what we see in this video is real. Which means that what we saw at E3 were games running off actual Vita hardware. The only reason why they had cables was to prevent theft and to provide them with energy so they dont run out.

Anyways the screen looks great but i wonder if the brightness can go a little bit higher. They could be playing it at a medium brightness setting.

The Vita is truly a next generation portable and is definitely way ahead of the 3DS in terms of tech. But it looks like it might be ahead in terms of games as well because of all the awesome exclusives that are coming out for it.

I am not saying that the 3DS is a bad hand-held its a very good one. But this time around in my own opinion it seems that Sony is doing a much better job than Nintendo. But until its out we wont know for sure.

I must apologize for my behavior if i hurt anyones feelings because i am pretty excited for the Vita.

remanutd552654d ago

when are we gonna get new info ? i want new info on vita !!!!

MasterCornholio2653d ago

Yeah Sony How about battery life? Thats something that all Vita buyers want to know. I am pretty sure it will be better than the 3DS because 3D eats up a lot of juice. When i talk battery life i mean having everything on.