(Opposing Views) 6 Years, 200 Shows Later; Video Games Live Proving the Skeptics Wrong

RichardArceeCardenas "Why is it that so many people still assume as video gamers we cannot appreciate other forms of art? Are we so locked into our own little digital worlds that we cannot appreciate the beauty of other forms of entertainment? It is total BS and I don’t know why some people would even come to that conclusion... Thankfully Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall were able to think outside the box and work hard to prove them all wrong.

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GammaTru2655d ago

Nice article! I've had the pleasure of visiting a Video Games Live concert and they are absolutely fantastic entertainment. They really make it a true gamer's show and the hosts of Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall are great to chat to as well, really awesome guys.

The music they play is great for both gaming fans and anyone that can appreciate good music. My personal favourite was the Sonic medley due to the chorus of 'Seeegaaaa' that the choir sang out. Pure class.

Just a shame they haven't been in the UK in over a year :( Commmeee baaack!

Arcee2655d ago

They are indeed awesome shows. I have had the pleasure of sitting with both men before and picking their brains about the goings on and inner workings behind the scenes is just some amazing piece of storytelling. At the last show I went to, the 200th, I completely fell in love with the end as the whole Nokia Theater joined everyone on stage and sang along to "Still Alive" from Portal. It was truly amazing.

Hopefully, they go back to the UK soon. On their upcoming tour dates, they have London and Ireland listed. So hopefully that happens for you.