Germany lifts Gears of War 3 ban

Eurogamer: "Epic's latest will sell there uncut."

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Agent_S2652d ago

This is huge for Germany. Now if Australia can follow... Also the picture WTF?

JeffGUNZ2652d ago

ahah the picture is why I clicked on this link !

zootang2652d ago

I wonder if MS billions had anything to do with it?

GodsHand2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Same here, but the article does not even have that picture. Whos face is that? I was curious if it was the president or what ever title they use over there, I just remember her ever using lipstick make-up.

ChrisPriestman2652d ago

This is crazy news! Have the Germans gone soft? :P

Big stuff though, hopefully this will have some ripples :)

Ares842652d ago

Good for Germany!

Restrictions aren't good. Not just for video games but for art and science as well.

DiRtY2652d ago

Nice! That makes the decision to ban the first two titles even more stupid

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