Crytek: Exciting CryEngine 3 games to be revealed

Crytek has revealed that we'll start to see a number of CryEngine 3 powered games in the next year, with numerous publishers and independent developers having signed up for licenses.

"The games being worked on with CryEngine obviously require a certain amount of development time, and they haven't got to a point yet where our licensees are ready to show them," CryEngine's director of global business development, Carl Jones said.

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VampiricDragon2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

ew more geenric realism shooter stuff.

nickjkl2657d ago

me thinks you dont know what generic means

ATiElite2656d ago

I'm really looking forward to Warface and Forged By Chaos.

Forged by Chaos and Sniper ghost Warrior 2 both looks extremely good on the CryEngine 3

M4I0N32657d ago

cool, so their engine is being applied to most areas of the industries

DeadlyFire2656d ago

Question is who is building a game on this. Likely by next TGS, GDC, or E3 we will find out.

Inside_out2656d ago

The only problem I see is that this gen is coming to an end so most will be next gen titles.

I was hard on Crytek as they struggled with the development of Crysis 2 on consoles. The beta and eventual game showed that they did try very hard to maximize the showed...

I think Halo Reach was the big breakthrough for these guys. Things changed once Halo Reach started making it's rounds and Crytek saw the light. Halo Reach looked incredible!!! It's NOT a co-winky-dink that they share the exact same rez and many other features.

btw...Stuart Black ( Black, Bodycount ) is making a FPS with Cry3...can't wait.

DeadlyFire2656d ago

Good thing about this engine though is they have proved they can put it on PS3, X360. So its possible newer games could get PS3/X360 ports in the new generation.