Stronghold 3 Looks Set to Win The Fans Again

SegmentNext - "Stronghold 3 aims to correct all the mistakes. It builds upon the existing proven formula, which made the series popular with its core fan base while adding new features and gameplay enhancements to attract new audience".

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My Dealings with Excruciatingly Bad Games

John of GAMElitist.com - "I’ve been burned a few times when buying games. It happened more often when I was a kid. There were times where I spent around $20 on a game and ended up playing a slideshow or a very underdeveloped game that only hooked me because of its fantastic box art."

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shodan744049d ago

Great article. The worst game purchase I ever made was that horrible Street Fighter: The Movie game when the PlayStation first launched. It was my first ever console - a leap forward in possibility - and I could have had WipEout, or Tekken. Nope. Shitty, awful Street Fighter: The Movie it was. Uggh.


Stronghold 3: Gold Edition Arrives on Mac

Firefly Studios and 7Sixty have confirmed that the Mac version of Stronghold 3: Gold Edition is now available. The Mac version of Stronghold 3: Gold Edition has been developed by Mac specialists Virtual Programming, it will feature all the content contained in its PC counterpart alongside cross-platform multiplayer with PC users.

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Stronghold 3 Update Rebalances Economic Systems

FireFly Studios has released a new update for castle construction simulator Stronghold 3, which owners of the game can now download on Steam. This update rebalances the economic systems and makes a number of other tweaks and fixes.

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