Famitsu's Readers Select Top Square Enix Games

Andriasang: Here are a couple of additional results, for perhaps the biggest questions of the survey: what's your most wanted remake or sequel, and what's your most wanted Square Enix game.

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TBM2655d ago

I know everyone wants a FF7 remake/sequel, but for me i'd rather remakes of both FF3(6), 4, and 9. These three are my favorite FF games of all-time.

Hey SE do you think you could make this happen?

DragonKnight2655d ago

When's the last time you could remember SE giving anyone what they want? They think they know what we want better than we do. Always have and always will.

TBM2655d ago

Hey I can dream right lol? I noticed I got a few disagrees I wonder if its because I love those 3 FF games more than part 7.

DragonKnight2655d ago

That is exactly why you got the disagrees. Lol. You can't say anything except "FF7 iz teh pwnzorz"

Bereaver2655d ago

And what's wrong with so many people being passionate about FF7?

DragonKnight2655d ago

Being passionate, and zealously defending it as the best game in the history of RPG's, FF's, and games in general are two different things. FFVII is not the best RPG, not the best FF, and not the best game by a LONG shot.

WombBat2655d ago


Ya it is bruh, stop being a B

DragonKnight2655d ago

If you think it is, you must not have played very many games.

RedDead2653d ago

Because people like FF7 more...they are being fanboys? They disagree with him is why he got disagree. FF7 is the best ff imo. Not the best j-rpg though.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2655d ago

I think they should hold off on FF4 for a while.

MrSpace2655d ago

"Most Wanted Remake or Sequel"

7...Oh I;m not a fan to be honest but I want people to get what they've been asking for years

I'd rather have a remake/sequel to FF8 or 9 but that can't happen untill FF7 is done first.

DragonKnight2655d ago

I'd love to see an HD Renzokuken to Lionheart.

tiffac2655d ago

They can't even give us FFXIIIVs yet QQ

mamotte2655d ago

A sequel of The World Ends With You on WiiU (I dont know where else that gameplay can works) would be really awesome.

Hicken2655d ago

It'd work just fine on the PS3 with Move (Kinect might be a different story... and I don't like SE games on Microsoft hardware; I'm a fanboy, sue me).

mamotte2655d ago

....explain me how the two screens would work on a single monitor, please. I can imagine: controlling neku with the move, and the other character with the arrows/stick, but splitting the screen to do it well would be really weird.

Hicken2655d ago

The same as any split-screen multiplayer game.

It would be a lot harder to look down at the WiiU controller and then back up in order to play.

HeavenlySnipes2654d ago

I'd rather get a Chrono Cross.Trigger remake. Best games Square ever made.

Listen to this

I'd just sit on the world map and listen to the music lol.

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