Control Characters in Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cutscenes

Famitsu has a few details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Remember Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s live sequences where you can move during a cutscene? Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going one step further and will let players control characters in every cutscene in the game.

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UnSelf3630d ago

this will be and only will be the very 1st FF i ever purchased if and only if it:

-remains a ps3 exclusive

-comes out before i have a grandson

-oh and comes out before i have a fkn grandson

MaxXAttaxX3630d ago

Well, he has said that he is making Versus exclusively for the PS3. But if SquareEnix decides to port it later is not up to him.

WombBat3629d ago

Stop being a bunch of greedy awipes, this should come out for 360 as well.

MaxXAttaxX3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I'm just stating what Nomura said.

If you wanna play something exclusive, you play it on the system it's on. That's what many have done for Halo and Mario.
Why is it such a sin/double standard now?

And besides, that is up to SquareEnix.

TheOldOne3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Agreed, FFVS13 is my only hope for Final Fantasy.

Spenok3629d ago

Now i agree with you to some degree. If any game stays an extent. Yes, if a game stays exclusive to platform it will be a better game in terms of quality... period. Simply because the developer can cater to the platform of choice, and exploit its strengths without having to worry about that maybe interfering with another platforms weekness.

However at the same time if a game is made for multiple platforms that means more people get to experience it, thus meaning if you enjoyed it then there will (should at least) be a higher chance of the game getting a sequal.

Thats just my two cents at least.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3630d ago

Mhmm it seems they are trying to do some new things with this game. The wait has been unkind to it, hopefully it ends up delivering. Of what little I've seen up to this point I am impressed.

LeonhartX3630d ago

I give it to him, Nomura knows how to press at people's buttons to get them to pay attention again. But man, not even mass production yet... SE has some serious time management issues. I'm starting to see a repeat leading up to of last year's TGS: short interviews here and there, a screenshot to wet the appetite, a small 30 second teaser to show they're still in production, and, after a no "real" showing at TGS, an announcement will come to ask fans to wait until some SE event next year for more info... And like a sucker, I'll still wait... Well played, SE, well played...

Pintheshadows3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

They will only look worse now that they have western developers on board. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at their office. I bet they just play solitaire all day and make 30 runs to the coffee machine.

@heavenlysnipes. I'd be happy with an adult oriented Kingdom Hearts.

HeavenlySnipes3630d ago

the battles stay realtime so the world would feel more real with monster running about and you being able to run from them/attack in realtime.

Thats the number 1 thing I loved about FF12. The world was huge everything was realtime and there were loads of side quests/missions

chidori6663630d ago

I hope this will be better than Final Fantasy XIII, because that one was shit, way too linear, gameplay was boring monsters were lame and story pathetic '-'

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