Gears Of War 3 Preorder Bonus DLC Characters and Wall Scroll | Esperino

Now that the Gears of War 3 Beta has come and gone, retailers have began announcing pre-order bonuses for the upcoming epic finale in the Gears of War franchise by Epic Games. Late arrivals to the pre-order party need not miss out on some sweet incentives.

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ksense2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

if you pre order the collector's edition at gamestop you will get a free ps3 version of the game :P

Active Reload2656d ago

Whats the point if it wont run :P

Mwaan2656d ago

I just need a classic Carmine skin and I'm good.

BoAxDemon2656d ago

Can not wait for this got my epic edition pre ordered at game

MrSpace2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I'm so excited for this I bought the epic edition at GAME and I've even bought the Replica Retro lancer from Gamestop...I'm not getting stuck with a shitty gold painted one. I heard that most people who imported the Retro Lancer when Gears 2 came out got away with the gun replica law when it came to customs.

I took the let's pray that I don't get caught

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