Kingdom Hearts 3D, Final Fantasy XI, Dissidia and More in Famitsu This Week

Andriasang: This week's Famitsu has a lengthy feature on Square Enix, containing retrospective interviews, and bits and pieces about about the company's upcoming titles. While waiting for our usual full writeup from [email protected], here's what has surfaced regarding Kingdom Hearts 3D, the Kingdom Hearts series, the Dissidia series, and Final Fantasy XI (yes, that's XI as in not XIV).

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DA_SHREDDER2655d ago

I bought Kingdom Hearts on the DS and it is not even a fraction as good as its ps2 counterparts. What in the heck are these devs and publishers thinking?

iNFAMOUZ12655d ago

its all about money man.

Pozzle2655d ago

Square Enix must be trolling the KH fans by releasing each game on a separate console.

I wouldn't be surprised if KH3 doesn't come out until the PS4 is released, just so they can follow their tradition of making it impossible to keep up with the series if you don't own every console on the market. :/

princejb1342655d ago

still waiting for kingdom hearts 3 or kingdom hearts hd collection including the psp one

pinkyxyz2655d ago

You can tell when a franchise is in hot water when they are talking about porting the OLD VERSION of Final Fantasy MMO and not the new one released 10 months ago. Your just pathetic Squarenix, pure fail

Spenok2655d ago

I can understand your thought process here. But i for one am still a huge fan of FFXI. And if they ported it to Vita then that would be all the more reason for me to buy one. Hell if they did that then i just may need to buy the 3G version of it ><

pinkyxyz2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I see where you are coming from and dont get me wrong, I have no prob with them porting this over but you would think that that would be on the back burner at least until the properly fixed 14 and potentially made a vita version. Or at the VERY least actually released the ff14 ps3 version.

TacoTaru2655d ago

My son and I just restarted FFXI this week because neither of us have ever found an MMO we like more. If that port happens I'll be grabbing 2 of the systems as soon as they are available.

Spenok2655d ago

Totally agree. Nothing has captured me quite like FFXI. Its just so great.

TacoTaru2654d ago

Spenok - I never had such fear in a game as when I was a lowly whm trying to get the teleport scrolls and had to sneak and invisi around the beastmen lairs knowing that if the spells wore off I was a they would be having taru for dinner.
My son started a new character and was surprised to find pixies flying around that will heal you and buff you if they see you need it. What a nice addition.

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