1UP reviews Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

By hitting fast-forward on the Call of Duty franchise by 60 years, developer Infinity Ward is taking a chance. Call of Duty 4's subtitle "Modern Warfare" implies a lot in this day and age, and applying the series' famed qualities to a theater of war that's far less fictional than some might be comfortable with could easily go wrong. It was one thing when games based on the Vietnam War briefly appeared -- the debate then was based on a matter of timeliness ("Is it too soon?") and the controversial nature of that conflict. Imagine then, the walking-on-eggshells approach a developer must take to base a game on a highly controversial war that's happening right now. Bad writing and shallow, stereotypical characters could cheapen the experience, not just for the general game-playing public, but particularly for those whose lives are currently affected by the ongoing situation in the Middle East. It's an already delicate issue being addressed in a medium best known for "dude, blow something up."

Final Verdict 9.5

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Dick_Mitchell3998d ago

Here is confirmation from a website that actually takes the time to compare the different features of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

I think the reason why the time was not taken by websites such as 1up and IGN is because of a fact that the two versions are identical in terms of graphics.

Both use a Native Resolution of 720p.

The Xbox 360 version also has a Native 1920x1080i mode.

The Xbox 360 uses the Hardware Upconversion chip to change the 1920x1080i mode to output in 1080p

There are rumors that say the PS3 version has a Native Resolution of 1080p, but several website Forums have now confirmed that is NOT true. The reason the PS3 version can be output in 1080p is because of a software "scalar" program similar to the one used in GT5 that is implemented into the PS3 version in order to make it more compatible with 1080i and 1080p HDTV sets.

The Xbox 360 version is considered superior, though, because it has two fundamental advantages: (1) Better Online Multi-Player, (2) Rumble technology in the controller.

After all, who would even consider playing Call of Duty 4 without Rumble in the controller...and no offense, but NOBODY is going to wait until the spring in order to use the Rumble that will be in the PS3 controllers that will be sold seperately.

Here is what the actual comparison said:

"The different versions of the game on the various platforms look exactly the same, which came as a shock to some because multiplatform games for PS3 have suffered this year. It's even cooler when you realize the game isn't getting delayed, like so many other multiplatform games that have shipped for PS3. The one thing the PS3 does lose out on is the tactile experience that the 360 controller provides, but even that will be rectified when the DualShock 3 controller ships for U.S. PS3s this coming spring."

lawman11083997d ago

I did get a free copy of COD3 which I am going to turn around and trade in to Gamestop. Btw I bought the 360 version but my HD tv is out for repair so I cant play for anoter day or so. BTW look at the PILE of PS3's they had just laying there I counted 70 and the clerk said they should just give them away they also had a ton more in the back.

MK_Red3998d ago

Really unfair. 1UP gave 10/10 to Halo 3, BioShock and many others. COD4 DESERVES the 10/10 as much as those games.

Fisher3393998d ago

thats because it's a multiplatform game :)

1up will on give a game 10/10 if it's an xbox exclusive


jackdoe3998d ago

I agree. CoD 4 shares as much variety as Halo does in terms of multiplayer options.

Bnet3433998d ago

MK Red just had to mention those two games. thanks for the flamebait, have you ever seen the sun in your life? seriously though, its like you live here

pswi603998d ago

they cant give it a 10/10, because they would have to give a perfect score to the ps3 version as well, and if they did that the world would crack in half

Daxx3998d ago

Yeah COD4 deserves a 10.

QUNE3997d ago

It deserves an 11/10.

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power of Green 3998d ago

And obviously isn't a FPS/RPG hybrid under the Sea.

MK_Red3998d ago

I'm not talking about the genre or themes. I'm talking about quality and game design standards.
COD4 has:
1.Super sharp controls.
2.Super sharp graphics.
3.Super sharp level design.
4.Super sharp sound and music (Previous CODs have all won sound effects awards).
5.Incredible multiplayer

Halo 3 lacked the graphical power of COD4, BioShock lacked the multi player. Now I love those 2 and BioShock is still my personal GOTY. IF they got 10/10, so should COD4 get 10/10.

Danja3998d ago

it deserves a 10/10..Halo3 sure as hell didn't deserve it's perfect score..I think it's looks better on the PS3..thats why they didn't bother to review diff platforms..

nomad1173998d ago

I really hate wal-mart for not having it today -_-

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