New Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance details - the "initiative" before Kingdom Hearts III

New details about Kingdom Hearts 3D are available from this week's Famitsu.

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Abash2658d ago

Hopefully it will be out by the end of next year

MoB212658d ago

FINALLY some more info! Im likin how KH3 isn't even being kept a secret anymore, and gets some mentions.

WooHooAlex2658d ago

Woot, so there is some hope for Kingdom Hearts 3 this gen after all!!

Still not likely but I can dream.

MaxXAttaxX2658d ago

Screw that! I've been avoiding every sub-par KH side game.
They spent so much time NOT working on KH3 and what's up with Versus XIII? They were so quick to release XIII-2 which no one asked for.

MoB212658d ago

Well, BBS was really good if you gave it a try. And i totally agree about Versus. It was announced 5 years ago, and still hasn't come out, and magically XIII-2 is coming out this fall and was only revealed like 4 months ago

ReservoirDog3162657d ago

Really, you can ignore the side games but I guarantee you, BBS is very good. It's arguably better than KH1&2 and I loved those games.

Really, play it. It's ridiculously good for a psp game.

ScubaSteve12658d ago

WHERE IS MY FF VERSUS 13, screw kh 3 stop announcing games. FINISH THE ONES YOU ANNOUNCED

iamtehpwn2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

If you guys knew anything before always Shouting "WHERE IS VERSUS!?!" you would know that Final Fantasy XIII-2, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are being developed by entirely different teams with in square enix and therefore do not delay each other's development progress.

Nomura's involvement in all of them also does not slow down the development of any of these games. Especially considering his role on XIII-2 was merely character art.

MaxXAttaxX2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Nomura has been directing for every KH side game that has been and is still being made.
It SEEMS like it IS stallin development on Versus.
Come on! 6 years already and all we got is one gameplay trailer and not a clue on a release date.

Why is it taking so long? Is it really gonna be that many times more awesome than XIII and be an actual RPG?
If so, then no problem. But my excitement has dropped in the past couple of years. Maybe I'll get that excitement back if I get a release date, tons more info, gameplay screens and footage(and Nomura stops designing all male characters with metrosexual bangs!)

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