Catherine Demo Screenshot Comparison [720p/HDMI] | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "Our Versus feature pits screenshots of cross platform titles against each other and you the viewer will decide the outcome! It’s PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 and the game that’s going to square off is the demo of Atlus’ Catherine. Which will emerge victorious? Or will the battle end in a wash?"

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Stakenborg2714d ago

Seems slightly better on PS3 in my opinion, but not by very much.

Takoulya2714d ago

Agreed. Just a tiny bit less jaggedness on the PS3 version.

Bay2714d ago

PS3 version seems to have some kind of slight AA going on, and the anime cutscene seems sharper.

Overall though, I'd say both versions look almost identical and people will enjoy either one.

Kiroe2714d ago

The only big difference is the bloom in the second image is missing on the Xbox 360. Looks like the PS3 was the lead platform again. Times are changing.

TheCrazyMerc2714d ago

Anti Aliasing is better on PS3,other than that i think both versions look great.

MicrocutsX22714d ago

PS3 looks a lot better but not by much. Nonetheless what matters to me most is how hot Cathrine looks.

testerg352714d ago

Umm... "a lot better, but not by much". How is that possible. :)

jc485732714d ago

whatever. I will be picking this game up regardless, then Persona 2.

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