Naughty Dog Comments on UC3 Beta Issue

Naughty Dog has officially commented on the current issue that the Uncharted 3 Beta is having.

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Simco8762750d ago

They got it right in U2... this is just a Gears Clone (IMO)

Jonah_Reese2750d ago

Yeah that comment is original.

fear882750d ago

I really love how a community ends up going up in arms over a stat reset on a free beta. You are not going to take those stats with you once the beta ends and retail ships. You start from square one, again.

Its called a beta for a reason. The beta does not look as impressive as U2 but that's because ITS A BETA. A flawed code to make it PRIME FOR RETAIL.

Drekken2750d ago

Yeah, cause the chainsaws and overwhelming manliness oozing from the characters. And the climbing.... the climbing copies gears.

Jonah_Reese2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

It completely copies Gears Drake and Marcus are almost twins at this point. Smh. Oh and did you see how they jump from building to building in the Uncharted 3 beta?

Chewy332750d ago

First beta I ever played was the Gears of war 3 beta, I loved it. Bought a PS3 recently and thought I'd give Uncharted 3 beta a try. Need less to say it's obvious I'll be keeping my pre-order for Gears and am still considering whether or not I'll be buying UC3. Epic gave us everything, Naughty dog gave us the finger.

Yardie2750d ago

Uncharted is more about the single player, multiplayer is a bonus. Don't buy Uncharted if you only play multiplayer games.