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Arthas2653d ago

Where the FCUK is the Marvel v Capcom 3 support?! They had better show something awesome because i've pretty much given up on on that sh!t. I'm sure most of you already have by now if not months ago.

Tuxmask552652d ago

Hey, the game is fun. Isn't that worth something?

Arthas2652d ago

After thinking about it I'd love to see Super MvC3 come to the PSVita. All will be forgiven if you make this happen capcom.

TheSoundDefense2653d ago

Looks like they're going to have pretty much the same lineup as they had at their E3 booth. Is anyone expecting any new announcements?

SactoGamer2653d ago

There's a "yet unnanounced" title they'll be showing for the first time, but that's all I know about it.