Ban It! A Look At Why Games May Not Involve Contemporary Conflicts

Nightmare Mode takes a look at some recent examples of excessive outcries for wishes of censorship, and explains why these outcries occur.

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Pintheshadows2652d ago

Another good article from this site. Perfectly balanced and knows his stuff. And he can spell.

"And from what I’ve seen of The Cartel so far, it seems to go more in a satirical direction, rather than having an entirely high-brow viewpoint on the conflict"

I agree with him here. And the fact that the game looks s**t only reinforced his point.

LightofDarkness2652d ago

Well obviously it's a little insensitive to those who have family presently involved in any of these conflicts.

It's also hard to paint any kind of good guy/bad guy in a current conflict as such without cries of defamation or propaganda from one side (or both). Hence you get exaggerated/surrealistic representations in games like Bound in Blood.

There's literally no need to have contemporary conflicts (depicted realistically) in games. We have PLENTY to choose from in fiction and non-fiction that are far less offensive and cause far less negative attention to our beloved medium.

Quagmire2652d ago

Notice how in all of these controversial instances, the Americans are getting annoyed about the portrayal of war in these video games.

Does anyone care what other nationalities think when you play a game which encourages you to blow their own citizens heads off, from an American character, no less.