Must-Have Classic Titles on the 3DS

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: "The 3D Classics range got off to a good start with Excitebikes - the 3D actually changed the look of the game and made it better. As of now, Nintendo is promising more 3D remakes in this fashion. They’ve also recently released Xevious. So with Nintendo saying there are four more games in this series to come, what games from the past would we like a 3D makeover?"

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agentxk2659d ago

I am not really a fan on these 3D remakes. Give me some decent original content, that is why I bought this system!

Xof2658d ago

Are you implying the 3DS isn't chock full of original content?


...You really ought to keep that opinion off of N4G. The Nintendo fanboys get really pissed off if anyone dares to point out the problems with the 3DS's library.

Rhezin2657d ago

I love 3DS classics, it's just a bonus from all the other great 3DS titles coming out. Personally am hopin for kid icarus.