Warner Says Blu-ray Comments "Misquoted and Misconstrued"

Following a story in Home Media Magazine last week that included a set of comments attributed to Warner VP of High-Definition Media Dan Silverberg at last week's Blu-ray Festival in Los Angeles, fans and industry insiders alike have been speculating that Warner Bros. was considering a move to exclusively support the Blu-ray format. Warner is now breaking its silence on the matter, referring to Silverberg's remarks as having been "misquoted and misconstrued."

Speaking with High-Def Digest on November 5, Jim Noonan, SVP of Strategic Promotion and Communication for Warner Home Entertainment Group, said: "I can tell you that Warner's position has not changed, and I know that Dan did not intend to suggest that wasn't the case. We support both formats and we have made no decision to alter that policy, nor are there any such announcements coming, or being planned."

Noonan also shot down the speculation that Warner is waiting for Q4 sales results before making an announcement of format exclusivity. "Like any major company, we are always reviewing our strategies in every aspect of our business, it is what smart companies do. I can't say what may happen five, ten years down the line. But right now, Warner Bros. has made no decision to change course. We are still onboard with both formats, and will continue [with a strong line-up of new releases and catalog titles], just as we have in the past in supporting HD DVD and Blu-ray."

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jaja14344002d ago

I think that out of all of the movie companies I'm liking WB the best right now for both their candidness toward situations like this and their refusal to take sides in this stupid war. Thus letting the customers decide what they want.

If I could give bubbles I would, but I can't so I'll just send a Kudos out into the internet void.

Kudos WB, Kudos.


ravinash4002d ago

Its nice to have a company that is willing to let the consumer choose what they want for a change.
rather that companies paying each other off to push their product so that the crappest one wins.

Prismo_Fillusion4002d ago

WB may make more money going both formats (for now), but if they choose Blu-Ray exclusively...HD-DVD is six feet under.

PS3 Limps on and on4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

They said that?

Darkiewonder4002d ago

They'll release movies on both format. but then they see a slight lead at any time. that's when a movie goes "exclusive". Just to find a way to make more money is all. I don't blame them as long as they release a DVD version [if only if it's a newly release movie ;)]

Danja4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Yup WB is smart...why not stay neutral..and milk the already dying HD-DVD..for the holidays..and then when the price drop still didn't do much for HD-DVD..they'll just pull a Paramount...for Blu-Ray

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The story is too old to be commented.