Video: Mods Bring Photorealism To Grand Theft Auto 4 Game

As any ardent PC videogamer knows, the game you load onto your computer isn't necessarily as good as it can be. Whether time and cost constraints during production or the march of technological advancement, PC games are often open to improvement at the hands of the vast online communities that play them.

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john22656d ago

Wonder how more days we'll be seeing GTA4 videos that are based on ENB series (and particularly on ICEnhancer v1.2)

Gray-Fox-Type02656d ago

Incredible stuff, But can see wee like more stuff, like niko walking and shooting things and the water and helicopters and explosions? put it to the test?

The environments and cards look amazing! But the NPC models still look still bad.

LightofDarkness2656d ago


reddeadite2656d ago

Oh come on, another one!?

Fishy Fingers2656d ago

I'm a PC gamer and a massive mod fan and even I'm getting pissed off with seeing these posts. I think this mod has been covered now.

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