RoboAwesome's First Look at Catherine

"Today was an exciting day for me. The demo of Catherine was made available for both PS3 and Xbox 360. I waited patiently as I watched the download slowly but surely complete to which I inched closer to the edge of my seat ready to finally get a taste of this thriller of a game." -RoboAwesome

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topgun332657d ago

Great review. How were the voices? Did they match up well the mouths on screen? I was disappointed that Atlas dropped the ball and decided not to include the Japanese voices, with english subtitles.

RoboSpiff2657d ago

the voices were actually pretty good from what I could tell.

RoboRyan2657d ago

Didn't realize the demo for this came out today. I know what I'll be doing when I get back home tonight. Everything about this game seems so unique that I'm excited to experience it, even if its only in demo form.

Moduserous2657d ago

Those are some totally titacular hard rockin knockers of funbaggerific proportions.