Gamestop Pre-Order Offers for Spider-Man: Edge of Time and X-Men Destiny Revealed

Super Hero fans who reserve their copies of Spider-Man: Edge of Time and/or X-Men Destiny early can take advantage of some awesome pre-order opportunities at GameStop stores nationwide.

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Arthas2657d ago

Make another open world spidey game with awesome swinging / travel mechanics and ill preorder that, no bonus necessary.

Godchild10202657d ago

How can we have preorder bonuses before we get a release date? Unless I missed it?

Arcee2657d ago

It has been my experience with GameStop that you can preorder a game even though no release date is given. May just be the ones by me, but I have preordered games well ahead of their release and with no concrete release date given.

Godchild10202656d ago

I think you read into it wrong. I know you can preorder at gamestop before a real release is set, but I would usually hear about the bonuses after the date has been set for the game, like a few days or weeks after the date has been official.

This is just backwards. IMO

Inzo2657d ago

Anyone who pre-orders this game, never played shattered dimensions.
I'll pass.