Limbo on PS3, Steam: why now?

EuroGamer - Limbo developer Playdead has explained why it has taken a year for superb downloadable game Limbo to launch on the PlayStation Network and Steam.

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golsilva2653d ago

its pretty self explanatory. ms paid for timed exclusivity for one year. simple as that

MorbidPorpoise2653d ago

Awesome game, better to have it....then not have it.

-Mezzo-2653d ago

Speaking as someone who has playing it several times, i would say "People" do not ignore this game just because it's year or so late.

It's a wonderful game. i loved it.

AntoineDcoolette2653d ago

I was hyped when castle crashers jumped ship, im even more excited for Limbo.

ABizzel12653d ago

Me too. I liked Castle Crashers on 360, but I have 4 PS3 controllers (actually 5), and only 2 360 controllers so I always wanted it on PS3 so everyone can play.

I need to give the Limbo demo a try, but I have to find time for it, I have over 130 demons on my PS3 that I haven't even played yet, I so behind on PSN and XBLA titles I'll never catch up, because of the little spare time I have along with the slew of new retail releases for PS3 and 360.

bloodybutcher2653d ago

dear god,you should perform exorcism over your ps3 then!!!over 130 demons,it sounds horrible...;)

Focker4202653d ago

Two words- Timed Exclusive
They have now become synonymous w/ the 360.

How many hours long is Limbo?? I'll most likely pick this up anyway, I was just curious how much gameplay there is.

Darkfocus2653d ago

it can be beat in around an hour and a half.

Js2Kings2653d ago

Wow, that's crazy short, but seeing that you don't say you feel ripped off, I'm guessing it was the best 1 and a half hours of your life?

Arnon2653d ago

It's a damn good indie title, but when I bought it for $15, it was a tad expensive.

StanLee2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

It's short as fuck. I bought it when it was released because of the great reviews and the demo. I was done before I finished my sandwich I was eating while I played it. I don't know how the hell its length wasn't taken into consideration when it was reviewed.

JoGam2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Just started Limbo now.....2HRs later.....Alright just beat the game. Awesome!

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