IGN: Assassin's Creed Mobile Review

IGN review Assassin's Creed for the mobiles. Their closing comments:

"Assassin's Creed is a fantastic action game that is more than just marketing hype for the impending console release -- although, it does manages to make me even more excited to pop that game in my Xbox 360. It does work off the template cemented in Gameloft's previous Splinter Cell/Prince of Persia games, but the story set-up and death-defying acrobatics make enough of a difference that I can recommend the game to players that may already have other Gameloft action titles on their handsets. This adventure is well worth your time."

Overall score: 8/10

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TnS5572d ago (Edited 5572d ago )

IGN posted without mobile in the title. It made me so excited. :(

MK_Red5572d ago

Same here. Also, I don't get it. I wanted to submit but found out its mobile so instead tipsed it but it's not used :(

Still, nice review. Can't wait for the review of real game :)

ngg123455572d ago

Same, I was expecting the ps3/xbox 360 version to be reviewed

jackdoe5572d ago

Meh. Cell phone game reviewed first? Blasphemy.

[email protected]5572d ago

The DS/Cellphone are build not by Ubisoft Montreal itself. Those are made by other studios. So probably those "company" made a better work launch the game on a better time frame lol'

But... a good score for a cellphone game lol'

I can't wait for the real action next week... WIIIIIII

PSN: jadjohnny

ElementX5572d ago

Give me a break. If I want portable gaming I'd buy a PSP or DS.