Emily Rose Wants To Play Elena In Uncharted Movie

Emily Rose: "I love doing both and Uncharted is a bit different than what you might think. Its a part of the new generation of videogames because I am actually doing motion capture for Elena as well as her voice. So I have to do all the movements and act as well as read my lines. It’s a pretty cool process and I hope they consider casting me as her in the upcoming Uncharted movie. That would be so cool!"

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Kran2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Please ;)

For those who go:

WHO THE F**K IS SHE? - She actually PLAYS Elena in the franchise.


Since the original director left the movie, there's still a little hope.

trainsinrdr2657d ago

Wtf u are actually going with this whole uncharted moive thing?
I guarantee u it will suck just like every other game movie in history.

RememberThe3572657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Calm down. Super hero movies all sucked at one point to, that changed as Hollywood took it time getting its head out of its ass and realized doing it right paid off.

Videogame movies are bound to follow the same learning curve.

NewMonday2657d ago

Scarlett Johansson would fit the part.

blumatt2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I wish all the voice actors would get to play as themselves in the Uncharted movie. It would make for a very Uncharted-like experience that the fans would connect better with since we're used to hearing those voices and seeing their faces in the games.

baodeus2657d ago

The problem with movies is that, it has to cater to as many people as they can. If they make UC specifically cater to just people who bought UC games (3-4 millions), especially just for the voice. If they are pretty good actors as well, then it could be great. If not, just the voice alone won't cut it.

Although a good movie comming from a game haven't been proven yet, so that could be another problem.

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sinncross2657d ago

cant wait for season 2 of Haven :)

Focker4202657d ago

Agreed, starts Friday!!

Emily Rose is the obvious choice to play Elena and I really hope she gets the part. It would be blasphemous if she doesn't.

YogiBear2657d ago

@ RememberThe357

I disagree with you only slightly. The original Superman movie did not suck. And it actually set the standard by which comic book movies are judged. The old school visual effects are somewhat quaint by today's standards, but the story rocks.

Crazyglues2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Let's just clear something up right now... Video Game movies do tend to suck..

-But does that mean a Really good movie can't be done..? Of course that's not what I'm saying -It could be done.

-and Of course they can make an amazing Uncharted Movie - The real Question is will they?

- and Yes Emily Rose would be awesome as Elena, hell she's been playing her for years now..

-Not to mention she looks a lot better in real life then in the game.. -

Now the real question is will this happen, No -there is no movie, and if there was one they are not going to use her... -because Hollywood doesn't work like that..

Just like they won't use Nathan Fillion for Drake.. -
/Should they , of course, but will they, No..! because Hollywood is Stupid.

They are not really concerned with making a great movie unless that will somehow make them more money, Hollywood only cares about the numbers

and if it will make money then it makes sense.. so putting Mark Wahlberg as Drake makes sense because having a big star in the movie gives it a better chance at making money.

and that's if folks, nothing to see here, let's all move on, and get back to waiting for Uncharted 3 the video game -11-1-11


Focker4202657d ago

I still don't understand the craze over Fillion for Drake. Sure he may have been a good choice ten years ago, but now hes getting a little too old.

Drake looks like hes in his early 30's, whereas Fillion now looks like hes in his early 40's. Drake is young and athletic with a certain ladies man charm, I just don't think Fillion fits into that persona at this point in time.

I'm not saying Mark Wahlberg fits the part any better, but neither does Fillion. I wish they would just spend a little more time on casting instead of throwing in the first big names that come into mind. I'm sure there are plenty of good actors out there that could emulate Drake much better than those two.

TheDivine2657d ago

Def dont use nolan north in the movie, hes a great voice actor but not fit for a big budget movie. We need somebody akin to harrison ford, a real good actor with a nack for bieng funny even during serious action. I think bradly cooper is about the best fit of all "big" actors. Hes defintely funny, sarcastic, and even looks like drake a little bit. I hope they dont turn it into some tomb raider bs, i like uncharted for the same reason i liked indy, its believable. No over the top action with superjets and that jazz. It needs a great story and the actors/actresses need to have real chemistry, its what makes uncharted work.

Pozzle2657d ago

"Def dont use nolan north in the movie, hes a great voice actor but not fit for a big budget movie. We need somebody akin to harrison ford, a real good actor with a nack for bieng funny even during serious action."

Honestly, I don't know why they need a big-name actor in the movie. Sure, a big-name actor will help the movie sell to the general audience, but it would be nice if Hollywood gave lesser known people a chance every now and then.
If they're so concerned about tickets not selling, then market the crap out of the movie so that it creates a ton of hype. Even shitty movies with little-known actors sell well if they are marketed right.

And heck, even Harrison Ford was a no-name actor at some point. Somebody was smart enough to give him a chance, and look how far he's come. Maybe the same could apply to Nolan North, if he's interested in being in the film. Hell, he already does the mo-cap and voice for Drake. He practically IS Drake.

Ares842657d ago

That would be awesome and now let Nolan North play Drake!!

metsgaming2657d ago

when casting for uncharted they not only wanted voice over experience but people who can act. That tells you that they are fully capably of doing the movie.

egidem2657d ago

Hell YEAH!!

Please let it happen! I couldn't think of a person more suited for the role of Elena than Emily Rose. Besides, she is the one person who plays her voice, she's pretty hot.

Please let it happen!

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M-Easy2657d ago

She can audition for the part on my casting couch (if you know what I mean).

Capt-FuzzyPants2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Really. (Said Shamefully)

Umbrella Corp2657d ago

Casting couch....sounds familiar :)

BlmThug2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

@M-Easy Theres A Time For Sexual Remarks And This Aint It

johnnyisawesome2657d ago

@BlmThug; Are You Serious Bro,You Cant Be Kidding. See what i did there.

M-Easy2657d ago

Calm down dude it was a joke. Unless she's into it :-)

MrSpace2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

As I was saying on another article that was about Emily Rose.

I hope they do pick her for the film but I doubt it since they want big stars. I also want Nolan and Richard's only fair

I remember the days when Hollywood took chances with no name actors if they wer perfect for the role.

As I have said before if they get the villains in the film to be played by big stars they can still promote the film with them and still cast Emily, Nolan and Richard. As long as they have something to promote the film with their fine

Get a bit of makeup on Nolan, get him on a strict bulk up/diet plan and we'll be good to go. :)

Oh by the way come on Fillion fans you have to admit you would you rather see Emily work besides Nolan North then Fillion.

It wouldn't be fair if Emily is in the film and Nolan/Richard isn't.

Kee2657d ago

I think John Leguizamo would make a good Eddy Raja if he got a buzzcut.

THC CELL2657d ago

Cant believe nobody said she is hot yet lol

Darkfocus2657d ago

sexual innuendo was already made an hr ago actually...

Arthas2657d ago

I hope she gets the part. Maybe we can actually get a good VG movie for once

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