Analyst: The PlayStation 4 Is Not Coming In 2012

Despite the rumors, one analyst says it's just plain "crazy" to think Sony will release a new console next year. That just isn't happening, people.

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MrSpace2657d ago

Finally some one with some common sense

longcat2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

they already have a console in the market at $400.

Unless they want another $599 launch, i dont see the logic either. I have long given up trying to teach gamers economics, some of them think the industry is based solely on specs.

slavish32657d ago

sony needs to launch before m$ to take back more market. ps4 2012 just wait and see

BitbyDeath2657d ago

Considering analysts are wrong 99% of the time does this mean it is coming out in 2012?

liveActionLeveler2657d ago

true dat, 2012 would be too soon, it's right after Vita, which is highlu unlikely. If you listen to what Sony's been saying recently about Vita you can tell that they are bringing the guns and are very serious.

ZETTA2657d ago

like it or not the PS4 will probably come 2012! everyosony console releases every 6 years like it or not!

Super LOL at playstation fanboys "its too soon" "its not necessary"

thats what i was saying before the ps3 was announced and look what happened LOL

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