Uncharted's Emily Rose on Jimmy Fallon

SystemLink says, "You love Elena. I love Elena. She's smart, spunky, and not a ditzy, huge-boobed female video game protoganist. Lots of reasons to like. Of course, she wouldn't be what she is without Emily Rose, the voice and motion actor behind the character. So check out this clip from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featuring an interview with Emily. "

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M-Easy2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Is it weird that I find Elena hotter than Emily?

Nevermind looking at those thighs during the interview changed my mind. Reality for FTW!

zootang2656d ago

Jimmy Falons all time favourite game Uncharted 2. Nice to know. Took the top spot of Zelda he said.

jlar2649d ago

She is HOT!!!! Look at those legs

Omega Archetype2657d ago

She was in one of my favorite TV shows Jericho. She's freaking sexy!

Capt-FuzzyPants2657d ago

I loved that show. I didnt notice that was her though.

M-Easy2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I cant believe you wont tow the fanboy line for something that sweet looking.

blumatt2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Yeah, you're're right. They're ugly...... if you're GAY! lol As for me both the voice actors of Chloe and Elena are insanely gorgeous.

Uncharted 3 is going to be a wonderful game, I'm sure. I love how Naughty Dog has inspired other developers to start doing mo-cap sequences in their games. I can't imagine what we'll start seeing next generation in our games. Maybe we'll have the option to insert our own faces/bodies into the main character's place and show ourselves in the game, digitized. :)

jc485732657d ago

Gears of Wars is ugly.

DrFUD2657d ago

I love ditzy big boob girls so I don't know what this writer is talking about

Wolfie2657d ago

She said November 11 but it's November 1 :)

HBK6192657d ago

What a n00b.


pr0digyZA2657d ago

she was thinking of skyrim.

clearelite2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Lol, Giggity....

waltyftm2657d ago

I wish i was her Ball suit, Love her character in Uncharted.

HBK6192657d ago

She could wear my ball suit anyday.


harrisk9542657d ago

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle!

TheKindRoost2657d ago

If the movie is still a go, get her to play her role SONY! There is no one else that can play Elena other than her.

WooHooAlex2657d ago

I agree with this. She voiced the character, did the motion capture and has acting experience. Sounds perfect to me.

WildArmed2657d ago

Yup, hell the whole cast of Uncharted games would be perfect for the movie imo.
All of them do really good voice acting, and obviously outstanding Motioncap.
I wanna see eddy raja >.<

MrSpace2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


I would like Nolan as well since we can see that chemistry between them on the big screen play out. It's fun watching them behind the scenes on the games disc with those two goofing around and acting together, they would be amazing on screen :)

clearelite2657d ago

Yes and lets hope Hollywood politics don't get in the way of such a perfect collaboration working together. As a fan of the series, I might actually even go to the movies to see it to watch the original actors work their magic. I just hope this doesn't get into the hands of some socalled expert who will twist everything around for fit his "creative vision".

MrSpace2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I hope they do pick them for the film but I doubt it since they want big stars

I remember the days when Hollywood took chances with no name actors if they wer eperfect for the role.

As I have said before if they get the villains in the film to be played by big stars they can still promote the film with them and still cast Emily, Nolan and Richard. As long as they have something to promote the film with their fine

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