The World in Your Game: Thoughts on in-game environments

An article that discusses in-game environments, the problems many games have with their environments, and how they may be made better.

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trainsinrdr2658d ago

Wouldnt malaria be awesome xD

Pintheshadows2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Ah yes, orienteering with Far Cry 2. It didn't teach me how to orienteer at all.

A nice refreshing article. An example I like to use is the original STALKER. Night time really changed the nature of that game as did its sometimes pitch black indoor segments. Some of which are genuinely terrifying. I think atmosphere goes hand in hand with environment. If you get them both well realised you are onto a winner.

I gave this positive votes. I'd like to see more like this and less BF3 vs MW3 and random flamebait.