Bioware Explains Mass Effect 3’s RPG Elements

Bioware’s Ray Muzyka explains how they intend to offer more RPG gameplay elements in Mass Effect 3 and what areas will have an RPG focus.

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RedDead2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl and call of prypyat are more of an RPG than this, yet they don't call themselves an RPG because it really isn't one. It's an FPS... with open world(areas really), exploration, choice's, different endings and RPG elements(weapon, armor upgrades, artifaces(speed increase, strength) etc) ME should not be called one. ME is a Tps with the RPG elements, just the same as Stalker except Stalker has more Exploring and customization in it

Yeah I like ME aswell, it's has the wrong label. There's a reason we have genre's anyway, RPg happens to be my favorite, imagine if I went into a shop looking for an RPG and picked up this..i'd probably still be happy because it's a good game, but still

PirateThom2659d ago

I agree, don't get me wrong, I love Mass Effect to death and have since I first played it, but ME1 was just about RPG with TPS elements and ME2 was a TPS with RPG elements and a glorified mission select screen.

NovusTerminus2659d ago

100% agree as well. Mass Effect has been fun, but the game should not be called an RPG.

Blacktric2659d ago

None of the STALKER games have major choices throughout the game that massively affect the universe. There are just different endings you can get by doing certain things at the end of the game. Get your facts straight. Mass Effect games are more RPG than most RPG games claim to be nowadays. You make choices throughout the games and those choices actually matter and carry over to the next game. RPG games are about making choices that have various degrees of effects over the course of the game. It's not about loot or inventory or isometric camera angles.

kaveti66162659d ago

"i'd probably still be happy because it's a good game, but still"

no. there is no, "but still."

If you enjoy it, stop complaining.

MrSpace2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I can't believe they still included Thermal Clip guns and still didn't give us a choice on what type we wanted to use...not even a hybrid system to please both sides even though the game is about choices.

Thermal Clips make it seem like every other third person shooter that's why ME felt so unique

TheOtherTheoG2658d ago

So what made Mass Effect unique was not it's expansive lore, it's compelling characters, it's gorgeous environments, it's intense plot, or it's magnificent sense of mystery, but a weapon cooldown system that, by the end of the game, was just plain broken, am I right?

Besides, giving us a choice would have broken the otherwise excellent balance of the game, and Bioware said once that they tried a hybrid system in development for ME2, but it was horrible.

MrSpace2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I'm obviously not going to waste my time and list the other great things about the game but I meant in a sense that it just felt like every other third person shooter. was balanced, the guns were weak for the first half of the game (depending on what class you were) so you really had to think about when to come out of cover and when to rely on your team mates etc (again what made the game unique). I didn't even use my squad mates that much in ME2, making them kind of pointless to be there.

It's better then just going in guns blazing. Oh so the hybrid system was horriable, I don't believe it, Bioware probaly havent even tried it...I don't see how letting you still fire for a bit when you run out of ammo and then the gun cool down would be horriable.

Nate-Dog2659d ago

Seriously, a quote just saying "weapon customisation and things like that" makes a whole article about Bioware "explaining" ME3's RPG elements?

Hooby2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Seriously, we learned this one thing ages ago. Terrible article, don't give it views.

maniacmayhem2659d ago

No problem with me Bioware, I loved ME1 and LOVED ME2.

first day buy

ME19892659d ago

Can't wait for ME3, but still, this is funny...

“One of the things the fans said about the second game was that they wanted more RPG elements. So we’re looking at that for weapon customization and things like that.”


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