Crytek: 'We’re looking to continue Crysis somehow'

GB: "Crysis 2 was a pretty good game but not as good as its breathtaking predecessor. ***Spolier Begins*** Crysis 2 concluded on a cliffhanger and the ending screamed and begged for a Crysis 3***Spoiler Ends***. Of course there is going to be a Crysis 3 and Crytek will continue to support its flagship franchise as much as they can."

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MitchGE2658d ago

So long as it's not a contrived money grab.

pedrami912658d ago

Afterall, the cryengine is said to be working on the PSV.

Anyway, a man can dream.

firemassacre2658d ago

make a crysis go kart game

qwertyz2658d ago

make crysis 3 for next gen consoles ,should look amazing.

DaTruth2657d ago

Then port Crysis 1 to them; should look amazing!

BeastlyRig2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

next time make it pc first.. But that won't happen.. Dice > Crytek..

It should have been of this quality

Seems they aimed for consoles & crysis 2 looks like it won't get passed the 3.5 million the first crysis sold & they copied halo/cod for multiplayer with an insane amount of hackers?

What a fail..

HydroCopper2658d ago

True, Crytek seems to have shot themselves in the foot by going multi-platform to make more $$$$ but in fact not as many console gamers care about Crysis as they had hoped.

Keep in mind though, there is no way to track digital download sales on PC which is where the vast majority of PC gamers shop now. So whatever numbers you find for sales would actually be a lot higher.

I was pretty choked at Crytek in March for releasing such a disappointing console port, but im now just playing the DX11 version and i have to say it is a huge improvement. So if you can get crysis 2 on sale with a good dx11 rig it would be worth it.

nickjkl2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

i like how people say there's no way to track pc sales

but then go and say the VAST MAJORITY of pc sales occur there

but some how developers and publishers never acknowledge these VAST SALES

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The story is too old to be commented.