Why Revelations is the stealthiest Assassin's Creed yet

OXM UK: "Assassin's Creed will never be the dedicated cloak-and-dagger extravaganza fans of Splinter Cell hope for: the series has reaped too much success as a pre-industrial Grand Theft Auto. But for all the accumulated bombast, Ubisoft's debonaire hoodie hasn't forgotten how to tread lightly. If discretion's your watchword, November should be a fun month."

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xYLeinen2654d ago

I like the option.

Sometimes I like to plan my execution and hiding behind walls, running on rooftops etc, and other time I simply run head on for full frontal action.

I think Brotherhood did this really well and Brotherhood often did encourage me to try different things to achieve 100% synchronization of different missions.

dirigiblebill2654d ago

I try to play stealthily. It's definitely got easier since AC2. Crowd mingling in particular really took off in Brotherhood - loved the bit where you're following the half-naked dude to the party.

DNAbro2653d ago

because he was half naked :P

ExitToExisT2654d ago

yep , killing someone in front of a crowd and then hiding in a haystack for 10 seconds , and then walking in front of that crowd will be super stealthy.

InTheLab2653d ago

Don't forget how the best dressed killer in town is easily forgotten after ripping down a wanted poster. Seriously, there is no stealth in Assassin's Creed.

Danielmccue2654d ago

They need to do something about the difficulty, you could pretty much complete brotherhood without being killed in combat because you were so powerful.

I know your a master assassin but the combat has gotten far too easy, its at risk of becoming boring too.

Nate-Dog2654d ago

Got to agree there myself, I like the whole gameplay system improving and giving us more options (who doesn't?) but the problem with this as with many games is that it makes things a lot easier at times. Take for instance in ACII when fighting a brute, often you could keep trying to attack him and wear him down which could work but takes a while, and he will counter you a few times. You could try the same measure of wearing him down but just by counter attacking him. Or you could take out your hidden blades and try and get an epicly-timed counter for an instant kill (the use of which I have only really discovered in my 4th ACII playthrough surprisingly). In ACB, well you can just kick him constantly until he has little enough health so that you can eventually get a finisher on him with your sword, or literally just keep kicking him. I mean it's an improvement because the ACII system was quite irritating at times, but even just the introduction of one small thing like a kick can make a big difference and make things seem a lot easier.

Not to mention the "killstreaks". I get the idea of it but c'mon talk about making things way too easy.

Nate-Dog2654d ago

While AC had it's flaws being around massive crowds in very dense areas in places like Acre Jerusalem just gave the game that extra edge. You get spotted by the guards who chase after you, you try to break through the crowds but they slow you down. You jump straight through a shopping stall and make for the roofs and eventually get away. (Ok not the best example but the idea is there lol.) I just loved things like that. ACII and ACB had a very different style to it in larger, wider areas but with some of the improvements ACII in particular brought I'm really looking forward to experiencing areas like Masyaf and others again, could make for some awesome gameplay. I just hope things like the grapple hook don't make certain stealth sections a little too easy (I haven't watched any gameplay of it yet myself so I don't know).

Also heard that there will apparently be some sections in the game where every NPC will be against you and out to find you; now THAT could make for some awesome stealth gameplay like the good old days of MGS and the like.

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