NPD: Over $5 Billion Spent on Gaming in First Quarter

Over five billion dollars. The NPD Group has released a report stating that puts the total amount of dollars spent on gaming at 5.9 billion dollars. This confirms what many of us knew already, gaming is big business now. With the industry spending billions to put out games consumers have kept up pace buying at a massive rate too.

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firemassacre2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

hell yes it is, wish i had a wallet with 5 billion in it. i would buy every game known to man. and ask naughty dog to make me a custom uncharted game.

M-Easy2744d ago

Its not when you consider Oil companies make $5 million dollars PROFIT every hour for 24 hours a day. Do the math.

DangerousDanMcGrew2744d ago

Personally I'll have Unearthed made for me. That's an awesome game, simply because of the press E to pick up fountain command. Priceless.

rmoar2744d ago

Customized Fallout is the way to go for me.

JokesOnYou2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Well like I said the gaming industry is booming, theres plenty of money to go around for devs and the companies bottom line, the excuses micro gives for raising Live, the excuses EA, Activision, and Sony give for charging for "premium" online, PSN pass etc, are ALL just BS! Gamers need to vote with their wallet if this trend continues where big companies are just making up fancy titles just to cut content and charge us for something we already had access to in the past for the same cost.

RGD2744d ago

I think I may be around $500 Million of that...probably

honestpizza2744d ago

The amount I've spent is just a drop in the bucket...:(

DanielComfort2744d ago

Good chunk of change, that.

As the article says, however, mobile gaming makes up much of that. Good to keep in mind.