6 things you need to know about DC Universe Online's Green Lantern DLC

Bitmob writer Jasmine Rea asks DC Universe Online's creative director Jens Andersen six things every player needs to know about the upcoming Green Lantern DLC.

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choadley2653d ago

Nice. I wonder how the construct combos will work out.

RockYou2653d ago

#1. Will the DLC be better than the feature film?

Sadie21002653d ago

LOL. I wondering why they didn't bring this out a couple weeks earlier, though...with or even before the film.

Tolkoto2653d ago

This is the guy with the bow and arrow, right?

NagaSotuva2653d ago

I'd like to play as a Guardian of the Universe.

nikrel2653d ago

This is odd, I remember them saying that there would be no charge for DLC like this...


No they said the monthly content would be free and it is. This is an expansion pack adding new a new power type, raids, alerts, duos, characters, outfits and more so this is way more than the content then they just give us normally. Plus in that same time frame we are going to be getting the Fortress of Solitude raids all three of them and the new tier 3 PvE armor set for Meta's and tier 2 PvP armor set. The game has been out less than a year and it's getting a good amount of content. To add this expansion pack is only $10 for at least 100 hours of gameplay so I'm going to say it's well worth it.

evrfighter2653d ago

This kind of content wow adds free. Dc universe is lacking in the content dept. I hit max level amd quit pretty much.

Their focus should have been to offer this stuff for free because your customers are already paying you 15 bucks a month. All this tells me is that they had no intention of making this a long term mmo.

The game needs content bad. Nickel and diming subscribers for it is not the way to go about doing it.

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