PC Gaming, I Tried

Justin Gifford: "I love the chaos of the PC world, the problem solving and puzzling through the problem to come upon a solution, even if it requires insecticide. Still, when a game I've been salivating over, like Civ V doesn't "Just Work," and I'm baffled as to the problem, it reminds me why most of my gaming time is assigned to my console."

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Trunkz Jr2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Try harder?

You shouldn't let one game keep you from giving up. 1 Game works for thousands, doesn't work for one person and all of a sudden their scarred for life - Story of a console gamer.

I never really had problems launching games from steam, then again I use top hardware.

Bigpappy2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

This is not new. This has always been the life of PC gamers. This is part of the adventure. Not all games support all the hardware or features you may have or lack on your PC. One of the problems I know of with Civ V, is if you bought it retail then install it on you PC with steam support, then try to do the same on your laptop, you will have some issues.

But the author is right about general instalation issues on PC that are not on console.

Ranshak2652d ago

Consoles now a days arent the same as they used to be. Every time a firmware update hits some games start freezing not working.

When that happens a console gamer is at the mercy of the console maker to give an update. With PC you can atleast take matters into your hands and try get work arounds.

Danielmccue2652d ago

That's bull. my games have never crashed after an update.

Ranshak2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Well i cant recall the last time i had a problem with a PC game. However just based on my experience i cant say no one else hasnt had a problem.

The same should be relevant for you too. Just because you havent had a problem doesnt mean others havent too. There are plenty examples on n4g itself where people have complained about UC2 not working after certain firmware upgrade, or da2 crashing on the PS3.

iceman28852652d ago

Ok, I'm gonna be harsh. But I just dove back into PC gaming after years of dedication to console. I love both about equally, but I'm starting to lean back towards PC gaming b/c of the price of games and the fact that the computer I built for relatively cheap is decent to solid for PC gaming (I don't mind paying the $1000 for something I use every day most of the time).

But like I said, back to the harshness, the entire article's argument is "I like console gaming over PC gaming b/c I'm an idiot and I can't figure out whats wrong with my system."

Sure I understand the appeal of popping in a disk and playing a game (I do the same thing all the tiem as a console gamer). But I do the same thing on PC, only I click a button on the mouse, DL a brand new game from the comfort of my computer chair, and play it for half the price of the console (thanks to steam) using a console controller if necessary (thank you microsoft for allowing use of wired 360 controllers for computers).

To sum it up, I love all forms of gaming, but after years of being away, I'm better understanding the appeal of being a PC gamer. Cheaper games and more options.

Ranshak2652d ago

True lol i actually find a PC more convienient to use then a console. With console i need to keep my discs handy all the time. Then becareful about not getting the scratched and making sure to put them back in their boxes once i am done.

With Steam installed on my PC, i just need to point click and play. No more getting up to grab disks, everything is infront of me.

Theo11302652d ago

I feel that most of these articles of "I Tried PC Gaming" most of the people don't honestly go into it with an open mind, and they only go with a narrow mind set, just because it doesn't work the same way on pc doesn't mean it's wrong; of course it supposed to feel foreign, it's completely different.

yavorsv2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Some people just want to put the disk and play. Is it that hard to understand. Most "problems" for console gamers playing on the pc like - i have to stand in front of it, i have to sit on chair, i want it on my 42' lcd,i don't like mouse/keyboard..etc can be fixed, but I just like them don't like all of this hardware and software (searching patches,fixes)hassle. Consoles are for people that like the ease of use.
I don't care about video cards, RAM etc. I understand everything that is needed to be a pc gamer,but don't want to care. I don't like upgrading. :)

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