The Rise of Free-to-Play

If you’ve been around the gaming world at all for the last few months, you have probably noticed a steady increase in the number of free-to-play titles that are available. Many game development companies are focusing on free-to-play models, and some games are even going free-to-play after having been a paid service. So why is free-to-play becoming a big part of gaming and what can we expect for the future?

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rmoar2654d ago

I'm not one to complain about more free games, as long as it doesn't water down the entire gaming market I'm happy.

GetoverHere1222654d ago

The free 2 play revolution has begun! But seriously, the only downside I can see is studios going under giving away too much stuff for free, and there is way too many people getting paid to make sure that doesn't happen.

RGD2654d ago

TF2 for free....and I'm all happy

jmobley2654d ago

thats all we needed haha

jmobley2654d ago

interesting article, I do love f2p

DanielComfort2654d ago

I'm a fan of F2P, when it is in the format that TF2 has launched in.