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Nintendo. The Big N. The monolith of gaming. I don’t think anyone will ever fully understand them, not even themselves. In the past they’ve come up with some truly amazing and industry changing games and hardware. The NES, the N64, the DS, all amazing pieces of hardware but with triumphs come inevitable failures.

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SleazyChimp2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

No theyll repackage those titles as hd versions and make u buy a wii u to play em. Nintendo has made money hand over fist off the wii, but can they get everyone that bought one to buy a wii u?

TruthbeTold2652d ago

So there's a difference between a potential 'Super Mario Galaxy HD collection' enhanced for Wii U, and God of War collection? I 're-bought' the latter, I'd 're-buy' the former. A great game is a great game, and if you have the money to buy an enhanced version then why not? I replayed GoW 1 and 2 and enjoyed the little enhancements, then lent the disk to a friend who ended up buying God of War 3 because of it. I'd 're-buy' Metroid Prime 3 as well.

tiffac2652d ago

I wish Ninty would release an NTSC English ver of Xenoblade and Last Story. QQ

Getowned2652d ago

"Nintendo isn’t really for gamers anymore. It’s for the children, for the parents, for the families and for the parties. The Wii U is facing a struggle between trying to appeal to the Wii market as well as the hardcore gamer, but is it possible? We’ll have to wait and see. "

that's how i feel and i really hope that changes and they became more hardcore i don't mind them haveing kid/family/party games but give us our fill of hardcore games it's the only thing nintendo is missing and they need to give us the game were not getting like last story.. nintendo can easily win again next gen but this time they desperately need a lot of core and hardcore games!!.

lizard812882652d ago

I doubt Nintendo is going to see so much success, like they did with the wii. They presented the wiiu as an add-on for the wii at e3. The wii sold so well, due to its price, the wiiu, will be much more expensive. Only one Wiiu controller at a time, is another big issue. Their line up, shown so far, won't attract the casual crowd, i doubt gramps and mom want to play Aliens, or Killer Freaks.

Nintendo has to do something with the wiiu, and they more or less abandoned the wii, and keep saying, "we'll see" on these 3 games has allot of gamers questioning, if they should buy a wiiu or not, after they said, they are going hardcore, but then don't bring these games over.

as much as i like nintendo, i haven't used my wii in a year or so. 2010 was the best, and i guess last year for the wii. it sucks it took so long to start getting good wii games, and then next year, they do nothing with it.