Steam is Essential to Success of Indie Games

GR - "The developer of Frozen Synapse believes that Steam is nothing short of essential to the success of independent game developers."

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Jacobite2708d ago

Must admit I have bought good few Indie games through Steam, normally I would have not bothered with if I had not had Steam installed on the PC.

BeastlyRig2708d ago

I got Terarria, Amnesia, Super Meat Boy!

They should bring Overgwroth to steam!

TheIneffableBob2708d ago

Overgrowth is coming to Steam, as is Natural Selection 2.

Close_Second2708d ago

Maybe these indie developers should switch to mobile devices. Lots of money to be made for stand out titles.

kramun2707d ago

So the guy is saying that Steam is great for indie devs and that they help them a lot, and your advice is to not go with Steam and switch to making games for phones instead?

Close_Second2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Personally, I hate steam. I cant see why everyone is so quick to praise it as its been nothing but problematic from my perspective.

Honestly, if Gabe came to my place to see how annoying his software canbe he'd make changes. However, because of the frustrations I've had I wouldn't let the MF near my place.

Steam is not used for mobile devices and developers can succeed. Lower dev costs, wider target audience, easier to develop for.

CraigUK2707d ago

Yeah I bought minecraf...wait...