New Test Drive In 2009 Coming To PS3/360/PC, Afrika is "Non-Violent"

Eden Games is currently working on a new Test Drive title for a release late next year/early 2009 on PS3/360/PC, the game will use the open-world gameplay and online features seen in last year's Test Drive Unlimited.

Afrika is a "non violent game" with "positive social themes." Something certain to appease those who have always wanted to spell doom to fictional poachers without violence.

Three Wario games are in development.

Itadaki Street DS will see a release in the states sometime next year

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shmee5315d ago

is there anone to refute me?

She has so much insider infos

Ps3Fanboy7775315d ago

AFRIKA - Really want to know how they plan on making a game out of this. Has a great theme and cant wait to see how it turns out.

Test Drive - Was a lot of fun on the 360, cant wait for a remake. Although 2009? Thats a bit far away. Wonder which version will be better?

Wonder where the new Test Drive will take place? Hawaii is what made me like that last one, any other place and 99% chance I would not have picked it up.

PS3 Limps on and on5315d ago (Edited 5315d ago )

It's probably gonna be like about taking pictures and studying things and watching Lions hunt Zebras. If they go all the way and make a real enviroment that's realistic and changing weather effects, animal behavior and all that. It could be something really epic.

That interests me more than Little big Planet. But that's just my taste.

That's best case scenerio, Afrika might also be a damn screen saver for all we know.

Vojkan5315d ago

I totally agree with you. I got my eyes on "Afrika" since day 1. LBP is cool but is Afrika ends up being what i expect(you described it well) than it is game for me.

Beren5315d ago

I love the game and if is like you said i would love it more *pets the animals*... *ouch they bite* !!!!! really i am hoping for a , camera collection, kind of an interactive camera game with reality upgrades , like to buy new lens, camera stands and of course a free open world .. ok i will stop dreaming :O

Bnet3435315d ago


Vojkan5315d ago

There is one game that might be similar to Afrika. It is old Pokemon Snap for N64

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AnalFace5315d ago

I loved TDU on 360, lets just hope the new test drive will own on ps3!

jackdoe5315d ago

No. I wanted to poach some animals.

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The story is too old to be commented.