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GameBlurb: "I've binged myself through the original Witcher and it took me about a month to finish through prior to E3. It was awesome. I enjoyed almost every aspect of the Witcher 1 even with all the blemishes it may have had. It was strategic, it was deep, it took the idea of decisions into a much deeper mechanic than many other games have not been able to. Instead of blending the world into black and white, it did something even better-it made the world grey; it was all about picking what you believed was the lesser evil. The Witcher 2 takes this even further."

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JsonHenry2657d ago

It is a fantastic game. I am glad they are porting it to consoles so others without gaming rigs can enjoy it as well.

Omega Archetype2657d ago

I playing The Witcher now (on Chapter V, so I'm almost done,) and since the Summer Camp Sale on Steam I picked up The Witcher 2 for only $33!

So yeah, trying to get through The Witcher as fast as possible so that I can play this one! Can't wait to see how my rig plays it. I'll probably manage Medium settings at 1080p. It'd be nice if it was better, but that's okay, can't wait to get to the game. The Witcher is a great game so I'm excited for all the improvements in the second one!

Solidus187-SCMilk2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I will play this game on 360 probably. Unless I get a new PC before then, mine is outdated now.

Later this year I will be in RPG heaven!!!! Torchlight 2, Deus ex, demons SOULS, skyrm, witcher 2, and then mass effect 3 and diablo 3 next year!!!! YAY

edit- Also, Im always happy to support a smaller Dev like this. support them so they can make the next game even better.

Gordo7892657d ago

might have to dust of the 360 for this one.

RahatR2657d ago

It will be worth your time

junk3d2657d ago

I've played this and seriously, Dragon Age 2 has nothing on this game. It's so much better.

WildArmed2657d ago

The decisions 'system' in Witcher 2 could not be done better.
It does get annoying when the devs already tell you 'this is evil, this is good yada yada'

In Witcher 2 there are only actions and their consequences.
I love it!

I really hope majority of the 360 user base give this game at-least a look.

gameseveryday2657d ago

This is the most phenomenal rpg after oblivion, period.

jaidek2657d ago

My PC isn't quite up to par when it comes to running this game, so I am thinking about just waiting for the Xbox 360 version. I know it won't look this good, but at least it will be enjoyable.

Fishy Fingers2657d ago

The engine scales really will, with the fixed hardware they should be able to crank out great results from the 360. It will probably be one of the consoles best looking games.

MicrocutsX22657d ago

From the article:

"For those who are wondering about the 360 build of the game, don’t worry. For the time being it looks just as good as a PC running the game on medium settings, but CD Projekt currently need to make optimizations on the frame rate as it occasionally drops here and there. Once again, I saw the 360 build during my time at E3 and they could’ve had made vast improvements since then. Only time will tell."

So it looks like it's gonna look good enough for the 360. I'm satisfied.

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The story is too old to be commented.