Virtual Reality Photography Is Amazing: GTA 4 Becomes Real Life "vee-r" presents the stunning results of his latest art project. Virtual Reality Photography connects gaming with everyday life snapshots. Check his latest works with Grand Theft Auto 4 and real life after the jump.

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trainsinrdr2654d ago

Lifes graphics are still better...

HK62654d ago

The gameplay isn't quite as fun though.

Winter47th2654d ago

Hands > KB&M. I just can't do it the same without all the grip control +1 life!

YoungKiller252654d ago

Yea and you cant turn off auto save which is bullshiTT

Lord_Ranos2654d ago

Real life graphics will never be dethrone. lol

user83971442654d ago

How can something dethrone real life graphics?

MidnytRain2654d ago

Is it even possible for graphics to look better than real life?

ExitToExisT2654d ago

wow second 'gta 4 looks amazing' article at the same day. thats a record!

MidnytRain2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

There has to be hundreds of these GTA IV mod stories on N4G. I dare you to search and count them.

pcz2654d ago

obviously some bums 'clever' idea to play videogames instead of actually doing any real creative work.

You see this a lot in the art world, piss poor work backed up with a lot of bullshit theory. Ie a piece of steaming shit is art if you have a little description of why people should look at said piece of shit.

this so called virtual reality photography is just a steaming pile of shit.

ainsz2654d ago

How the science did this get approved?? This is the absolute, official, definite, worst use of GTA IV. Or perhaps any game.