ESPN and Microsoft Offer High Definition Sports Programming On Xbox Live

The Bitbag writes, "Are we getting closure to IPtv on the 360? With ties to ESPN and all the other major network stations, everything could be set in place to initiate IPtv on Xbox Live. At any rate, this announcement is great news for sports fans."

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Ps3Fanboy7774092d ago

I dont see how they are pawning this service off as something good. New movies are avaialable A LOT sooner from your local RED BOX, Hollywood video, or even the horrible BlockBuster.

Not to mention everything on the LIVE service is freakin expensive. Not to mention its $20 at a time since you have to buy there rip off points.. Vegas does the same thing with chips. It makes you feel like your not actually spending money. Nice work M$, kids wouldnt relize that. Nor adults for that matter.

Another useless service that M$ will promote to be the best when in reality its horrible and utterly pointless.

I would like to hear how anyone justifies purchasing shows/movies from Microsoft.

What WOULD be cool:
Same day releases - comes out same day as DVD version not months later

Movie Theatre - Why cant i view movies in theatres from my home? People are way to annoying now a days to sit in theatres. For gods sake turn off your *&^%*&^ cell phone!

If you cant do either then basically you are a crappy version of netflix but even netflix has newer movies that make it worth it.

OH and the majority of movies are not in HD. Best movie currently on that service is 300..

razer4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Give it some time and perhaps we will start having simultaneous releases in retail and on live. I understand that you obviously don't like the service from your message but YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE IT since nobody is forcing you. You need to at least give MS some credit for trying something new and different with their console service. More HD content will come as publishers/studios get more comfortable with the service.

You seem to be in the minority because if you do a little searching on Google you will see that it is "popular" and has actually had more movie downloads than any online service.

Also, the last time I checked Comcast(here in the USA) doesn't give me my cable for free as I pay in just one month what XBL for a year + 2-3 movies cost.

If anything you should direct your energy to PSN, that place is a joke when it comes to content and services.

tordavis4091d ago

300 was released same day as DVD.