IGN Preview: Dark Souls: New Ways to Die

IGN writes: "When we talk about Demon's Souls, we talk about its mercilessness, its atmospheric bleakness, its bold individuality in a world full of games so terrified of challenging you that they won't even trust you to figure out which button to press on your own. What we don't talk about very much is its sense of humour; the moments where it lured you so effortlessly and elegantly into a horrible trap that you couldn't help but laugh as a boulder flattened your body against a wall or a hundred arrows pierced your armour. It's a mischievous game, always looking for new ways to impale you on your own expectations".

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Canidae2745d ago

Cannot wait. Just reading the article prompted me to start a new Demon's Souls game. Now all I have to decide is if I want to be evil this time around or good.

RedDead2745d ago

Isn't there like one choice at the very end to be evil or good?

You're evil to the enemies is all. Then at the end you have a choice.

Canidae2745d ago

Yes, but you can also be evil or good through actions in game. Such as killing friendly npc's for gear, killing evil npc's, invading worlds (assuming the servers are still up), and so forth.

zinkabassy2745d ago

Don't start with a tank,.. Shit is crazy stupid hard,.. I am dying at parts I used to breeze trough in 20 seconds when grinding,..Want my damn Soul Arrows back!!

blahblah2745d ago

lol, i was already pumped at 120% for this game, after reading this article my pump rate went to overkill.

damn, it is so nice to read that game improves best part of the first one... numerous deaths

october can't come soon enough, wish it was yesterday;)

DragonKnight2745d ago

This is the kind of game this gen SORELY needs and is HEAVILY lacking in.

I can't wait for October. The closure of the Demon's Souls servers will be a sad day, but the arrival of Dark Souls will be a joyous one.

Tex1172745d ago

Well, the developers did say that they wanted the player to die so often it would become funny.

Looks like they have succeeded.

This is easily my most anticipated game of the year.