L.A Noire "Reefer Madness" Case Now Available

It seems that the glamourized world of Hollywood has recieved a touch of the reefer madness. The DLC for Rockstar's old-school crime drama is now available on Xbox Live and will be on the Playstation Network later today, tomorrow for European PS3 owners.

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pungello882745d ago

I liked this game I will definitely be getting this DLC

DaleBoyd2745d ago

L.A Noire was awesome! It's a perfect game to keep rolling out the DLC for as well. As long as they are not too expensive I'll keep buying them. Huzzah!

GodsHand2745d ago

Even thought I do not share your enthusiasm for the game, you should of just invested in the rockstar pass, and saved your self some money.

miDnIghtEr2745d ago

Give me some reefer madness! And the DLC too.

Fanbot2745d ago

it's free for who bought the R* Pass right?

pungello882745d ago

It would be a best seller if it was...

SuperbVillain2745d ago

grrrr,well i got 5 anybody want to match up?

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