Review of Astro A40 Wireless Audio System for Gaming

GameDynamo - "Recently, we had the opportunity to fully test one of the best gaming peripherals out there, an audio system compatible with all the current game platforms, widely used by gamers in the MLG (Major League Gaming). "

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Clayman2682d ago

I have a pair of wired A40's and their great! very comfy. Only problem I have is that the sound sometimes gets distorted, almost like it can't handle the loadness during explosions and such. This happens no matter what volume I put it on.
For example during close artillery fire in Bad Company 2.

Anyone here happens to have a pair of A40's? Should I send them in for repair or something?

Darkfocus2682d ago

happens to mine in dead space 1 when the ship creaks and bad company 2....other than that there fine...I actually preferred my tritton AX Pro though...shame I ran over the cord with my chair to many times :/

Clayman2682d ago

So there's actually nothing wrong with mine? Thanks for the reply.

Raider692682d ago

go to the faqs on the astro page,theres a fix to that problem.

Clayman2682d ago

there is? do you happen to have a link to the fix cause I can't seem to find it.