Barrel Roll Podcast #124 – “Podcast Armageddon”

When the world as we know it comes to an end, when alien invaders send their sinister robo-ants to take down all of humanity, when the giant mecha-daddy-long-legs-dropship s show up to ruin your picnic, the Podcast Defense Force will be there. “Why don’t you go back home, to space?”

Our “Let’s Play Together” segment makes its triumphant return when Adam, Jesse and Jonah have all had their chance to play Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. But before that, the guys talk Solatorobo: Red the Hunter and whether or not the character designs are enough of a turn off for Jonah to never want to play it. They also run down the laundry list of indie game tropes with Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time and Jonah returns to the world of Torchlight in hopes of finally completing it before the sequel drops. Because he couldn’t get enough of the underground, he also spends some time with Delve Deeper! (but did he dig too greedily and too deep?)

As per usual, the new releases are discussed at the top of the show and some minor news points are dropped. All this and more on Barrel Roll! #124, “Podcast Armageddon”.

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