Why Call of Duty: Elite is all about you

OXM UK: "Beachhead and Activision talk grouping players by style and personality, not skill."

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Inside_out2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

" What's the secret to Call of Duty's success? It's a riddle nobody's unravelled to our satisfaction "

...REALLY???...0_o...only if you live under a rock...

The game is the anti-battlefield game with great sense of speed, weapons and environments. Sure the haters and pixel counters like to whine but make no mistake, the game delivers what the A.D.D nation wants.

gamingdroid2745d ago

I love it!

NG2 is one heck of a fast paced game and I love that too!!! Nothing wrong with a fast paced game.

Miiikeyyy2745d ago

Why Call of Duty: Elite is all about your money

Raven_Nomad2745d ago

Well the way I look at it is that Elite is probably going to cost less then 3 map packs. So I'm going to get it. I think it's going to be a great way for the hardcore COD fans to have something extra and get the map packs as well. Cant beat it!

Shackdaddy8362745d ago

Didn't they say it will cost at least the same as a map pack would each month? Because people could just sign up for a month just to get a discount then never do it again.

RememberThe3572745d ago

lol I read that title I just thought of the 2pac song.

It seems like a cool ass concept. We'll see if it makes the game any more fun.

SuperbVillain2745d ago

Why Call of Duty: Elite is all about your wallet*

JellyJelly2745d ago

Why Call of Duty: Elite is all about Activisions wallet* /fixed :D

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