Top 10 GAME Chart: Zumba Fitness Continues Its Amazing Run

GAME have released their Top 10 chart and Zumba Fitness is again in the lead, followed by DiRT 3 and FEAR 3.

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FlashXIII2653d ago

Lol seriously who votes for these articles. As been stated many a time by former and current GAME employees.. developers pay to have their game listed at number 1. Anyone who thinks zumba fitness is outselling everything here in the biggest gaming shop in the UK is simply put, retarded.

TheOtherTheoG2653d ago

It's done by sales. Oh us British have such wonderful taste.

FlashXIII2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

And you know this how? We've had supposed game employees (who sound legitimate) come on here and confirm the sales list isn't by sales.

Zumba fitness holding top spot 2 weeks running.. please be more more naive!

TheOtherTheoG2653d ago

Seriously, Zumba Fitness is the biggest selling game in the UK right now, here's the official UK chart to prove:

Oh, and in the official chart, it's been top for 4 weeks consecutively, with another 3 before that.