Free Games To Promote Sequels - Analyst Firm

Games research firm EEDAR thinks Sony's 'Welcome Back' package offers an important games marketing lesson, which could see more AAA games available for free.

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RonaldRaygun2744d ago

The link above appears to be broken. Here's a working link:

Any plan that involves giving away games for free sounds great!

zinkabassy2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Yes damn Sony giving me great games for free,..Those fuckers,.. them want to rape and force me into buying probably two of the best games of the year,.. Those bastards,..

If anything I could also make an argument that having LBP1 and Infamous1 experience shortly before launch of infamous2,.. would actually incline me to wait more before buying new ones,.. or at all buying them, if I would not like them,..

newleaf2744d ago

what are you on about now?

Ddouble2744d ago

the free games did get me interested in the sequels for LBP and inFamous but people would just wait if they know they'll get it for free down the line.

nickjkl2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

who wants to wait 3 years

Spenok2743d ago

Makes sense if you ask me. Then again i already played 4 of the 5 choices previously. So they were just a digital bonus for me. :D