Movemodo news: Resistance 3 is Making a Right Bloody Mess

When Resistance 3 launches in September, it's not only coming with demos of some of 2011's best PS3 games, but a bonus mode with potentially the greatest name ever: Bloody Mess.

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THC CELL2746d ago

First of all Nice, second of all cant wait day one

Kee2746d ago

I misunderstood the title, thinking it'd be total flame bait.

I really love gore.

And, uh. Really? There's a whole site dedicated to the move?

Cloudberry2746d ago

Yes, I think so.

There's also sites for Kinect too, like "Kinectaku" I think.

On topic:

Looking forward to Resistance 3.

JamesNewton2746d ago

Yep, KINECTaku and Movemodo are both dedicated to their respective motion systems. Both fine sites too, though I would say that of course :)

mook10222746d ago

As the SAW franchise put it well, "Oh yes...there will be blood" I'm sold!!!

newn4gguy2746d ago


Sounds like someone at Insomniac is an Unreal fan. ;)

PR_FROM_OHIO2746d ago

Resistance 3 is shaping up to be a great game can't wait love the first 2 games!!!!!!!!!

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