What we want from GTA V writes: "It's been a little over three years since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, and with an official announcement for the next game rumoured for this summer, it surely won't be long before hard details surface. Here are our thoughts on what we want from the new game."

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rabidpancakeburglar2654d ago

What I personally want: More San Andreas-ness and less GTA IV-ness.

NukaCola2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I want fun things to do and not always such a drought serious story mode.

And I would like to be able to have some customization and more buildings to enter.

Planes and Parachutes too.

Bonobo123452654d ago

I like the serious stories with that edge of humour.

If you want the opposite saints row is there.

For me they need to expand on what they have accomplished in GTAIV and RDR.

A huge map with several cities would be great, more like SA but much more detailed, with small towns scattered around the countryside.

jeseth2654d ago

A lot more Vice City.

A lot less Liberty City.

With all the things to do of San Andreas . . .. Gym, Mod Cars, Paint Cars, More Places to buy/live, etc. etc.

There's something about the Vice City games I find just hilarious and awesome. There's nothing like running some Coke to people with an Uzi out the window while blaring "Video Killed the Radio Star" or "Broken Wings" playing!

Vice City is the best!

NukaCola2654d ago


I don't neccessarily need a madhouse like SR, but some humor. Tarantino needs to really right GTA V. Gangsters are people and should have witty phrases to say. Not just the endless use of the F word. They should talk about pop culture and whats on the news, you know intelligent humor.

SR3 does look pretty good, but that theme is too wacky for GTA.

I wouldn't mind San Andreas revisited but in the 70s as a blaxploitation game. Maybe to be a chick, let Pam Grier voice her. That would be pretty super fly.

slayorofgods2654d ago

They need to get rid of the annoying social networking of gta4 and add more map variety, such as in san andreas.

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Hanif-8762654d ago

If they drop the realistic feel of GTA IV i might as well get Saints Row 3 because thats what i liked the most.

Pikajew2654d ago

Making a great game takes time

femshep2654d ago

nothing, Rockstart proved they can make games that are actually good and don't make you the scum of the earth they should stick with those games

Quagmire2654d ago

Actually, that was Team Bondi, and I dont think that Rockstar will be...

*puts on glasses*

Bondi-ing, with them again...


femshep2654d ago

rockstar developed Red Dead Redemption

and yeah team bondi may have developed la noire but rockstar bought them out and published the game so they are still partly responsible for its release, though all the dev work credit goes toward bondi

Quagmire2654d ago

I want Vice City again, love the time and setting, and the neon lights, and the culture, and definitely the Music!

rabidpancakeburglar2654d ago

With you there. The music was great, especially Lovefist.

YodaCracker2654d ago

The music was mainly based on the time period though, not the city. If we saw Vice City again, it certainly won't be in the '80s.

Main_Street_Saint2654d ago

Vice City was an all time favorite for me.

sonicsidewinder2654d ago

I wanna cruise round vice city booming Go West and Hall & Oates, while looking at roller skating beach babes.

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YodaCracker2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Want I want from Rockstar is for them to keep up the unbelievably high quality of their current gen games like GTA IV and RDR (my 2 favorite games of this generation). I want that meticulous detail and unrivaled depth they put into their games. I want a game where I'm still discovering small, little touches 100 hours in (I JUST found out you can knock over a cactus in RDR with a stagecoach O_O).

I want Euphoria physics, I want GTA IV's satisfying driving physics to return but even more fine-tuned. I want another technical marvel like GTA IV. I want an engrossing story with characters we actually care about. And finally, I want some wacky stuff too. Tons of cheat codes, crazy vehicles, and unusual weapons.

Saints Row is okay. It sure has the wacky stuff but that's all it offers. I want more than that. I want a deep experience I will remember, but I still want some crazy stuff at the end of the day, too. I want a game that is 70% GTA IV and 30% San Andreas, with a little sprinkling of Vice City in there. How does that sound?

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